Life on the road
Dec 7, 2022

When you spend a lot of time away from home, it’s important to be able to be in a familiar place. Most INDYCAR drivers have a motorhome that follows them around the United States. Thanks to my partner Vanleigh, I have a motorhome that is perfectly adapted to life away from home, and I thought you might be interested to see what it looks like. So welcome to my house on wheels, the VANLEIGH AMBITION 399TH.

The season being very dense, I go to the races by plane, except for the last ones of the season, in California, where I get behind the wheel to enjoy the beautiful roads of the West Coast.

For the rest of the season, I have a driver who takes the motorhome to each race and sets it up before I arrive. When you have your own motorhome at the race track, it helps you to rest and relax between practice sessions and qualifying for example. I also practice sophrology before each race. My physiotherapist comes to see me at the end of each day, and I have a specific area in the motorhome dedicated to preparation, including a rowing machine, a bike, and elastics. It is a real gym. Sleeping well and avoiding stress are essential to performance. With 17 races a year, between March and September, it is nice to have a home away from home, to have all the equipment to perform well, and to avoid the commute between the circuit and a hotel every morning and evening.

So, ready for your tour? As you will see, the level of comfort and equipment is amazing.

First of all, that’s the dining area and the kitchen. I love to cook in there and try new dishes.

In the lounge area, I have two “relax” chairs to rest (with Norman) and watch TV after a long day at the track or between two test sessions.

When the temperatures get cooler, I can also enjoy my beautiful fireplace with different colors! As you know, I really like dining, particularly in front of a fireplace. So what more could you ask for?

But if the heat from the fireplace is not enough, a state-of-the-art A/C helps to manage the temperature.

I have been living in the United States for more than fifteen years now, but I have kept a French habit: the wine cellar. I am lucky enough to have one in my motorhome with some good bottles that I can share with family and friends (Sunday evening only, of course).

On the practical side, there is a dishwasher and a washing machine with a dryer, so I can clean my fire suit whenever required.

There is also plenty of storage room so that the motorhome is always nice and tidy.

I also have a beautiful bedroom with a super comfortable bed and a small but very convenient bathroom.

And now that the family has grown, Marley has his own room too, so that he doesn’t wake me up at night. Many thanks to my wife Hailey for looking after him at the track. Back home, I take over!

This room also serves as a gym to warm up before getting in the car. As I mentioned before, it is even equipped with a rowing machine!

And when I have guests or team members coming by, we can sit on the terrace and have a good time.

So a big thank you to Vanleigh for providing me with this jewel of technology that significantly increases my quality of life and performance during race weekends, which still represent a total of at least 140 days per season.

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